What is a Personal Stylist and how would I benefit from using one?

We all want a wardrobe that inspires us. A wardrobe that, when we open it, is filled with stylish pieces with beautiful accessories for every occasion. The reality is often very different. For many people, their heart sinks when they open their wardrobe and in desperation they wear the same few items time and time again.

A stylist really can save you money. How many times do you buy something on impulse, in a hurry and probably in the wrong size? I will shop with a purpose focusing on the right items for you, styling you in items which will integrate seamlessly into your Wardrobe and which you will love.

Whilst I will encourage you to try things outside of your comfort zone, the most important thing is that your clothes make you feel, and look, fabulous confident and comfortable.

You may be returning to work or entering into a new relationship. You may feel that over the years you haven’t had much time for yourself and that you don’t know where to start with your wardrobe. These challenges may be daunting but to me they represent an exciting new chapter in your life – and that is where I can help.

Despite our busy lifestyles, with a little thought, organisation and some sound advice, those mornings of standing in front of an untidy wardrobe, only to choose something black and loose fitting (again) will be a thing of the past.

All of my services are available either in person or remotely – so wherever you live, we can still work together.  Whether you would like a Wardrobe Consultation via Skype or a whole new wardrobe created on-line via Pinterest, we can do that wherever you may live!

A good Personal Stylist will;

  • Make better use of the clothes you already own by suggesting new ways for you to wear them;
  • Advise you on where to spend and where to save;
  • Help you to get a clear picture of who you are and what that looks like;
  • Advise you on current trends, translating those trends into wearable looks for you;
  • Show you how to accessorise;
  • Identify and fill the gaps in your Wardrobe through a Personal Styling day or by shopping on your behalf.


How far will you travel for sessions in person? Up to an hour from my home in Birmingham free of charge. If travel is beyond an hour, an additional charge may be incurred to cover expenses but I have travelled as far as London, Bristol and Leeds, with clients visiting me from Newcastle and Wales.

What if I don’t have a lot of money to spend on new clothes? A lot of my clients don’t have a huge budget for new clothes. Rather it’s about making the most of what you already have and only committing money to clever pieces that are really going to work hard for you in your wardrobe – plus I love scouring the High Street for the best that it has to offer.

I’m trying to lose weight. Would I be better to wait before having a session with you? Not at all! Feeling great about yourself will help to motivate you to reach your goal. Using the clothes that you already own, whilst adding in some accessories and pieces that will flatter you whatever your size, will really help to do that. Why feel dis-illusioned about your weight and your clothes when we can do something about your clothes right now? It really is that simple.

What if I don’t look like you? I’m curvier, taller and from a different culture I have styled clients aged 14 to age 89 and from size 6 to 26. Some clients don’t wear skirts or short sleeves, others will only wear colour and some will only wear black. None of that matters. My job is to come inside your life, to understand your style challenges and to show you how to fix them.

I am always very happy to spend 20 minutes chatting to you about your options, so please do drop me a line via my contact form and we can then arrange a telephone consultation.