Wardrobe Consultation

A Wardrobe Consultation is designed to edit out the items that no longer work for you and to identify those items which still have a place in your Wardrobe, whilst showing you how to create new outfits out of your existing pieces.

Prior to our session I will ask you to complete a form which will help me to understand more about your personality, how you feel about your Wardrobe and what you would like to achieve.

During the Wardrobe Consultation I will;

  • Discuss your form with you so that I have a clear understanding of your aims and objectives;
  • look at each item in your wardrobe and determine which clothes and accessories work for you and which it is time to say goodbye to;
  • show you how to create new outfits from your existing pieces;
  • make a list of pieces that are required to fill the gaps in your wardrobe;
  • advise you on how to style your body shape;
  • discuss with you the trends for the season.
My aim isn’t to leave you with nothing to wear but to identify those clothes which no longer have a role in your life. If that means parting with some clothes, whilst packing others away to see if you reach for them in the next few months, that’s fine. I understand what it is to have an emotional attachment to clothes so we can take it one step at a time.
The cost of a Wardrobe Consultation,which lasts on average for three hours, is £245.

I would suggest that, as soon as is practicable after your Wardrobe Consultation, we follow up with a Personal Shopping Day…