My fiancè paid for me to have a full day of Personal Shopping with Beth for my 26th birthday and I can honestly say that it was the best birthday present ever! I was completely stuck in a rut with my wardrobe and found it nearly impossible to find clothes that would fit my short and curvy figure.

As soon as I met Beth, she was warm and friendly and immediately made me feel at ease. She has this amazing gift of being able to walk around a shop and immediately hone in everything that flatters your figure and which matches your personality at the same time. Beth did all the running around for me, so I could stay in the changing room trying on all the new fabulous combinations she had found me.

I have now been kitted out with a whole new capsule wardrobe, including outfits that can be worn to work during the day, and then dressed up ready to go out in the evening. I never want to go shopping without Beth again and I will definitely be booking another shopping day in April for when I go to Italy for my wedding and honeymoon.

Before I had my personal shopping experience, I used to dread going out to any event I was invited to and always made an excuse not to go because I didn’t have anything to wear that I didn’t feel self-conscious in. Now I can’t wait to go out and show off my fantastic new collection of outfits, which also make me look at least a dress size slimmer than the clothes I was wearing before!

I am going away to Paris for the New Year, which I was worried about in case I couldn’t find anything to wear. Now I am really excited about going – watch out Paris, here I come!

Sam, Leicester

I contacted Beth after watching her present a fashion event as I wanted her to come and ‘sort out my wardrobe’. Beth is amazing; not only is she a lovely person who immediately made me feel relaxed and at ease but she was also focused on what we had to achieve in the time we had together.

Beth is extremely professional and really understands her clients. Working with the clothes in my existing wardrobe, Beth created some fantastic new looks and gave me the confidence to try new ideas myself.  She gave me advice on how best to style my shape and showed me how to accessorise my outfits – something which I have always found challenging!

An in-depth report from Beth with suggestions for purchases that I could make to further maximise my wardrobe followed our time together. It was an amazing experience and worth every penny and as such I have booked Beth for a personal shopping session next month.  Thank you Beth for turning my world around.

Claire Thomas
Executive Director

Beth is amazing at what she does.  I have experienced first hand her ability to understand the needs of her clients, their body shape, personality and anxieties.  I have seen her transform women who lack confidence in their dress sense into self-assured, poised ladies who are happy in their own skin. What I love about Beth is her talent for educating, supporting and helping her clients to know what looks good on them whilst encouraging them to try something that’s maybe a little different from what they are used to.

An hour with Beth can transform your wardrobe and your life.

Debbie Golec, Business Owner

Having a Personal Shopping Day with Beth was a dream for me!  The experience allowed me to step outside of my normal world of working as a nurse on a very intensive caring ward and transported me to a really fun day out!

Beth is a breath of fresh air and whilst she encouraged me to try things that I wouldn’t normally have considered, she was very aware of how I felt and of what was important to me.  She is very understanding and makes you feel special. I feel I have a much clearer and more confident approach to shopping for my shape. A day out with Beth is a real treat for yourself!!”


“My Wardrobe was full of clothes but I never seemed to have anything to wear.  I spent four hours with Beth and during this time she edited out the items which I no longer wore but which I had kept nonetheless.  Out of the remaining items she created lots of different outfits, styling the pieces in a way which was different to how I would have worn them previously. All of these outfits have now become firm favourites.

I felt as though I had been given a whole new wardrobe which ultimately saved me spending money on new items…..a very cost effective four hours!

Emma, Birmingham

“I have very little time to shop and often spend that time agonising over one outfit which I then don’t buy. A new job within the same organisation meant that I had to develop a new look to reflect my seniority. I also had a specific dress code and a modest budget. I was delighted that, during one shopping day, Beth was able to meet all of my requirements. I now have a few signature items and accessories, including shoes and a bag that have created a new work wardrobe. I would never have managed this without her.

Beth has a knack of knowing what suits and where to find it. She also gave me the confidence to try things that I might not have considered, including a fantastic top for my leaving do. Conversely I felt under no pressure to buy and she was incredibly patient with my indecision.

I would recommend Beth to anyone. She is incredibly good at what she does and lovely with it. I had a very successful and enjoyable day – thank you.


“There is no better idea for a girls’ night in than a style party. Beth is an absolute professional with a perfect eye for current trends and how they can suit all shapes, sizes and colourings. But there is no pressure to buy or change who you are, just practical, encouraging advice on what to wear and where to find it. And the best bit…trying on lots of new gorgeous clothes!

Stand aside Gok and Trinny & Co, there’s a new girl in town!”


“In January, I found myself having to work full time, which with three young children as well left me very little time for myself. Having been very pleased with my wardrobe session previously with Beth, I decided to use her solo shopping package. I gave her a brief of what I was looking for and a budget to keep to and have been so pleased with the items that she has bought for me.

I get home after a busy day to find a bag of goodies on the doorstep for me to try on…the hardest part is choosing what I DON’T want to keep so that I stick to my budget! Anything which I want to return or change the size of I leave on the doorstep the next morning and Beth picks it up.

Beth has chosen things I LOVE which I would never have chosen for myself. She has a fantastic eye for a bargain… a gorgeous Coast dress for £35 reduced from £115…which I would never have had time to find myself.

I would thoroughly recommend Beth’s service. It has kept me sane through some difficult times. I am so glad that I found her. She knows what suits me better than I know myself!”


“When I first met Beth I was really keen to organise a Style Party as it seemed a great idea for a fun evening with friends. The evening itself was very informal and relaxed. Beth is very approachable and gives everyone the confidence to talk about their style issues, which can be tricky for some. We were encouraged by her to try different styles and experiment with new ideas. Everyone was impressed with the number and variety of items we could try on all from High Street stores too.

Beth’s efforts didn’t just stop after the evening. She has since spent time following up on specific items we wanted or contacting us if she has seen something which she thinks might be of interest.

The Style Party was great fun and we have since decided to organise a night out to give us an opportunity to try our new styles out.

Thanks Beth”


I worked with Beth recently for a working wardrobe. She was worth her weight in gold! It was an absolute delight to spend the day with her. She listens and delivers to perfection. She is extremely professional and a clear expert in this field. I will certainly be using her for my summer wardrobe. Thank you Beth.

Jas, Zurich.